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The CBM Hopeful Gifts for Change catalogue allows everyone to give to a cause that speaks to their heart. Choose your cause and look for these symbols to identify causes you want to support:


Poverty is a widespread, debilitating and complex social issue which is often tied to injustice and inequality. Sadly, it is estimated that more than 3 billion people — almost half of the world’s population live on less than $2.50 a day. Fighting poverty requires all of us to take action. Together we can affect change by offering a hand up toward greater economic opportunity to those who need it most.

Give to Poverty


God brings healing to a broken world through the love of local churches. Many churches in the Global South have limited resources to carry out God’s work. When you equip and empower congregations around the world to share the Gospel, you enable them to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love in their communities.

Give to Build the Church


Everyone deserves dignity. We were esteemed and dignified by Christ, who came, lived and died for all of us. Unfortunately, many still continue to suffer from injustice, inequality and oppression. Take a stand against injustice and take part in restoration of all relationships towards a society that is whole and healthy.

Give to Justice


Every child should have the right to just be a kid. Unfortunately, in many places, children are not able to go to school, are malnourished and vulnerable and live in inhumane conditions. Help provide hope, protection, love and care to children in need.

Give to Kids At Risk


Some emergencies like earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes strike suddenly, while others like drought, prolonged rain or growing political unrest unfold over time. The most vulnerable and threatened rely on the church for help. In these times of crises, help CBM and its global partners’ network to respond immediately in helping those affected.

Give to Crisis Response


The CBM Hopeful Gifts for Change catalogue allows everyone to give to a cause that speaks to their heart. Choose your cause and look for these symbols to identify causes you want to support:

Where Most Needed

When you give a gift to where it’s most needed, your donation makes the greatest impact. Your gift allows us to strengthen the response of local churches and ensures that all CBM programs around the globe are adequately funded.

Merry Christmas


Terry Smith

CBM Executive Director

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Give the gift that keeps on giving – animals! It’s a source of income, multiplies when it produces offspring, and provides nourishment and nutrition.

Pair of Rabbits $10

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Poultry $25

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Smarter Animals $20

Make your animals smarter when you add this gift! With the additional $20, you provide for all the extra work that goes with procuring and distributing animals, including training on sustainable husbandry.

Give Smarter Animals

Goat $135

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Cow $230

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Fill a Stable $400

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Go all out and fill a stable with animals – a pair of rabbits, two hens and a rooster, a goat, and a cow! Your gift will help up to six families in need.

Stock a Fish Pond $500

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Give a whole community in India a pond of fish! This can serve as both food and source of income.

Buffalo $1,500

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Gift the Lahu community in Thailand with a buffalo.

Early Childhood Education $30

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Provide daily pre-school education and nutritional nourishment for children in the Philippines so that they are able to perform well. This sets a great foundation for kids at a critical stage in their lives.

Grinding Mill for Refugees $30

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Give a refugee family access to a grinding mill in Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya so that they can turn their maize into flour. This then provides food for the family.

Tutoring and Training for Children & Youth $55

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Help children and youth in India gain access to a better future through tutoring and additional skills training, respectively.

Transformation from Addiction $300

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Break the cycle of addiction in the lives of young men in India by supporting innovative community development that enables them to train in income generating skills.

Women’s Agricultural Development $65

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Empower women in India and gift them with the skills to make leaf plates that they can sell, and to rear poultry and goats. This will help them gain dignity as they become stronger income earners for their family.

College Education for the Impoverished $65

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In the Philippines, a college education is a must to be able to earn a decent living, but countless Filipinos cannot afford this. Help deserving and determined students realize their dreams.

Grow Skills in the Community $75

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Help transform a community in El Salvador by providing funds for microenterprise activities and training on small agricultural and economic development projects. This will bring additional income to their community!

Weaving Materials $175

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Help women from the Mising tribe in Nagaland, India by gifting them with weaving materials. Proceeds from the sale of these traditional shawls help increase family income levels.


Purchase a Bible for South Sudan Partner Churches $20

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Many churches in South Sudan hold church services without access to Bibles. Gift partner congregations with Bibles so that church members can read the Word of God.

Practical Skills for Filipino Pastors $100

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Help build a stronger church in the Philippines when you provide enhanced skills training in other important areas such as pastoral care, leading meetings, managing budgets, and community development practices.

Support a Chinese Pastor $85

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Remote areas in Thailand and Myanmar are ripe for drug production and trafficking. Your gift will provide significant change in the Golden Triangle Area where further theological training is provided, churches are planted and community services workers have access to more support.

Leadership Training in Cuba $100

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Give church leaders in Cuba the supplemental training and materials that they need to carry out integral mission in the community.

Pastoring Pastors in the Dominican Republic $100

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Help pastors in the Dominican Republic enhance their ministry competencies through annual gatherings and bi-monthly meetings that strengthen pastoral care among leaders and their families. Your gift includes transportation, food and educational and training materials.

South Sudan Ministry Leaders Training $300

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Provide South Sudan church workers more opportunities to advance skills through training workshops.


Support for Victims of Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, recurring wars and insecurity between several African countries and armed militia groups have made women and children extremely vulnerable to sexual violence. Rape is used as weapon of war by the Congolese army and militia groups, but there has also been an increasing number of civilian men committing these crimes against women. Through these Hopeful Gifts, you can help care for these women.

Medical Care for Survivors of Sexual Violence $70

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Bring physical healing to victims of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo through medical assistance and help women rebuild their lives.

Train Rape Counsellors $150

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Give the gift of psychosocial healing through counselling support for victims of sexual and gender- based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Help protect women and encourage prevention of sexual and physical abuse.

Peacebuilding Training for Youth Leaders $220

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Be an agent of peace between Muslims and Christians in the Philippines. Your gift will help youth leaders understand each other’s faith and learn peaceful relations among Islamic and Christian youth communities.

Teach Women to Read $50

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You can change a life and teach women in Rwanda how to read. Plus, you’re also providing books, Bibles, gender training and more! Each woman then has access to a better future for her family.

Bikes for Monitoring $170

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Your gift helps village representatives monitor savings and loans initiatives that will help provide income for community members affected by HIV and AIDS in Rwanda.

Peace Training for Refugees $200

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Gift women, youth and other opinion leaders at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya with a peacebuilding workshop. The training will help them learn about peaceful coexistence, trauma healing, reconciliation and conflict resolution among different ethnic groups in the refugee camp.

Empowering Widows $250

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Widows in India, such as those from the Soura community, have many hurdles to overcome in order to survive. Your gift will help them gain dignity, spiritual nourishment, stable livelihood and a chance to rise from poverty through access to microenterprise activities and training.


Support for Vulnerable Children & Youth in the Dominican Republic $35

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In the Dominican Republic, vulnerable children and youth are exposed to poverty, crime, prostitution and drugs. Gift them with social programs such as training in values and gender, Bible education, music, English, and hairdressing to help give them access to more opportunities. School supplies and clothes are also included!

High School Fees $65

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Help vulnerable children and kids without parents to gain access to a brighter future through quality education. In Canada, kids are required by law to receive high school education. Many children in Rwanda aren’t able to. Give them the education that they need for a better life.

School Supplies $70

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Help provide basic school supplies for vulnerable children in Rwanda and Kenya, which enables them to stay in school and gives them a chance to thrive.

School Uniform $20

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In some countries like Kenya, even public schools require that students wear uniforms. Many vulnerable children cannot afford them, which makes it
a barrier to education. Give kids the chance to learn and thrive with the gift of school uniforms. This makes a great present for your kids’ teacher!

Summer Camp for Refugees $55

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Syrian refugees and vulnerable children often experience trauma due to war and displacement. Give them a place to play and be children again at summer camp in Lebanon.

Support for Vulnerable Children & Youth in Bolivia $85

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Extend love and care to vulnerable children or adolescents in Cochabamba. Give them life skills that will help them achieve good health, and obtain access to nutritious food and spiritual, psychological and educational support.

A Second Home for Students $100

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Give children who live in remote tribal villages a home that is closer to school so that they can get an education. While they’re at school, they’ll learn about the Gospel and God’s Word.

Prison Kids $110

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Support a child whose parent is in prison in Bolivia by providing a safe place for spiritual, psychological and educational growth and access to healthcare and good food.


Emergency Response $100

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Enable the global Baptist community to immediately respond to crises when you give to the emergency aid fund.

Help Rebuild a Home for Refugees $1,000

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A refugee family returning to their home will find that their house is inhabitable, making them just as vulnerable as ever. Help a family rebuild their home and provide a safe, secure and dignified place for them to live.

Life-saving Healthcare for Refugees $40

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Provide medical care to refugees and vulnerable families in economically marginalized communities in Lebanon. The severe gap in UN funding and the triple burden of extreme poverty, poor health and forced displacement makes it difficult to access urgent medical needs.

A Cow in Canada $500

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Give the gift that keeps on giving! Buy a cow and when it gives birth, the calves will be sold and proceeds will go to CBM food projects in places like South Sudan and Lebanon through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Plus, your gift will be matched 4:1, thanks to the Government of Canada. Give as a group!

Sponsor an Acre of a Grow Hope Project $300

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Sponsor an acre of land, which includes a land lease, seeds, fertilizer and chemicals. A community of Canadian farmers will grow crops for you, proceeds of which will go to overseas CBM food relief and agricultural development projects through the Foodgrains Bank.

Become a Virtual Farmer

For more than 30 years, Canadian farmers have been working to end global hunger through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Now, you can become a “farmer”, too! Help grow a crop by sponsoring an acre of land through the Grow Hope project.


Purchase the “Sponsor an Acre of a Grow Hope Project” gift (see left). Your gift of $300 funds seeds and inputs for the growing season.
A Canadian farmer will use your seed money to grow a crop on your acre of land, alongside their own.

At harvest time, the farmer will sell the crop produced on your acre for about $500*.
The farmer donates 100%
of the proceeds from your acre to the CBM account at the Foodgrains Bank.

Thanks to a 4:1 matching program through the Government of Canada, a $500 profit will multiply to $2,000 when CBM uses these funds to support emergency food aid in places like South Sudan and Lebanon.


*This amount will vary, depending on the market value of the crop.


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