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All Year Round

This year share your birthday with someone in need.  Ask your family and friends to give you a Hopeful Gift to mark your special day and make it eggs-tra special!

Give Your Birthday Gifts to Someone Who Needs Them

We all love giving and receiving gifts and even more so when the gift comes from the heart. To give your gifts to someone this year:

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Select one or more gifts you would like to receive in lieu of gifts.

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Tell your friends and family

Send the URL and your gift choice to everyone you know. Use email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or snail-mail to get the word out.

Celebrate Your Hatch Day


Poultry are fairly easy to care for and help keep areas clean by controlling bugs and weeds naturally. Poultry are an excellent source of food and meat, as their eggs can feed a family while also being a reliable source of income. Poultry also create excellent fertilizer for farming.

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Make it a Party

Fill a Stable

Fill a stable with all the animals in this gift catalogue – a pair of rabbits, poultry, a pig, a goat, and a cow. Your gift will help up to six families in need.

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Share a Birthday Meal

Feed a Family for a Month

Families struggling with hunger and extreme poverty are facing challenges that have been compounded in 2020 due to the effects of the global health crisis. Your gift will feed a family for a month in places such as Lebanon, South Sudan, and Latin America, where CBM is already at work addressing the need for stable and secure sources of food.

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Wear Your Best Threads

Weaving Materials

The women from the Mising tribe in North Eastern India, India make beautiful traditional shawls. Gift them with weaving materials that will help them produce more wares and increase family income levels.

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