Animals are great gifts because they can serve as food for families and a source of income.

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Pair of Rabbits

Rabbits are a very cost-effective and non-labour intensive animal to raise, producing highly nutritious meat along with enriching manure which can greatly improve soil quality.  Rabbits are also highly reproductive and grow rapidly, leading to a very profitable animal for a family to raise. 

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Poultry are fairly easy to care for and help keep areas clean by controlling bugs and weeds naturally. Poultry are an excellent source of food and meat, as their eggs can feed a family while also being a reliable source of income. Poultry also create excellent fertilizer for farming.

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Pigs are a hardy animal that provide many valuable uses including pork, lard, leather, glue and fertilizer, as well as a variety of medicines. Pigs can also have up to five or six pigs per litter, at least once a year, which can be raised or sold as income to provide for a family’s needs.

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Goats are versatile animals that can be raised in a variety of different climates and environments.  Goats can produce up to two to three kids a year, and provide a steady milk supply as well as meat for families to have or sell.  Goat fibers can also be spun and used in a number of ways. 

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While cows require more living space than poultry or rabbits, the fresh milk that they provide is invaluable for a family’s nutrition and health, while also being an important resource to be sold at the market for a steady income.  Cows can have up to four calves in their lifetime, which can lead to a herd. 

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Fill a Stable

Fill a stable with all the animals in this gift catalogue – a pair of rabbits, poultry, a pig, a goat, and a cow. Your gift will help up to six families in need.

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Gift the Lahu community in Thailand with a buffalo.

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Smarter Animals

Animals impact lives.

Your additional gift of $20 towards A SMARTER ANIMAL will strengthen our local partners’ ability to deliver, monitor and grow similar programming into the future.

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