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Vegetable Kitchen
Garden for a Family

In Bolivia, families who live in rural areas have limited access to food. This affects both their emotional and physical health. By providing other means to receive better nutrition, such as by growing vegetable kitchen gardens, local families can have a better quality of life. Each family will receive construction materials, seeds and agricultural supplies.

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Pair of Rabbits

Rabbits are a very cost-effective and non-labour intensive animal to raise, producing highly nutritious meat along with enriching manure which can greatly improve soil quality.  Rabbits are also highly reproductive and grow rapidly, leading to a very profitable animal for a family to raise. 

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Poultry are fairly easy to care for and help keep areas clean by controlling bugs and weeds naturally. Poultry are an excellent source of food and meat, as their eggs can feed a family while also being a reliable source of income. Poultry also create excellent fertilizer for farming.

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Pigs are a hardy animal that provide many valuable uses including pork, lard, leather, glue and fertilizer, as well as a variety of medicines. Pigs can also have up to five or six pigs per litter, at least once a year, which can be raised or sold as income to provide for a family’s needs.

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Support Pastors in Asia

Support pastors in the Golden Triangle Region of Asia through further theological training, resources for church planting and assistance for community service workers.

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Pastoring Pastors

It’s important for pastors in the Dominican Republic to be able to get together and encourage and equip one another for ministry. They’ll receive assistance with transportation, food and educational and training materials.

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Literacy for a Woman

Change women’s lives in Rwanda by teaching them how to read. Becoming literate allows Rwandan women to provide a better future for themselves and their families. This gift comes with books, Bibles and gender training.

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Grinding Mill for Refugees

In Kakuma Refugee camps in Kenya, families must pay to use grinding mills to turn their maize into flour. Many who cannot afford this will hand-grind their maize using stones. Having free and easy access to a grinding mill helps save time and money that can be used for other important needs.

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Empowering Women

Empower women in India with skills to make leaf plates that they can sell and gain skills in animal husbandry. This will help them gain dignity as they become stronger income earners for their family.

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Child & Youth Educational Support

In India, children and youth often need additional education and skills training so that they can have better opportunities. Gift them with tools that will open more doors for a greater future.

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School Fees for Secondary Students

In Rwanda, not all children are able to complete secondary education, which limits opportunities for their future. Give vulnerable children and parentless kids the education that they need for a better life.

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College Education for Youth

For youth in the Philippines, having a college education can sometimes be an unreachable dream. By providing scholarships for higher education, you give them access to a brighter future.

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School Materials for Kids

Tuition and school fees aren’t the only things keeping vulnerable children from getting an education. The lack of basic school supplies is another deterrent. Provide marginalized kids in Rwanda and Kenya with access to tools they need to do well in school.

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Support for Vulnerable Children

In Cochabamba, Bolivia, children and youth benefit greatly from programs that improve their well-being. They are able to acquire life skills that support good health and are provided with nutritious food. Spiritual, psychological and educational support are also offered to the participants.

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