Give the gift of hope this year. Many orphans and vulnerable children do not have the opportunity to enjoy being a child, especially as the impacts of COVID-19 leave many young people at risk of falling into even greater poverty. Whether it is a chance to learn, to play, or simply to thrive, these CBM gifts help provide hope and a brighter future for the most vulnerable.


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COVID-19 Masks

In the Philippines, some people are not able to afford basic needs such as food, which makes a mask seem like a luxury. Masks made by our local partner help them stay protected during the pandemic.

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Early Childhood Education

Children in the Philippines don’t always get the chance to attend preschool. Pre-primary education lays down a foundation for children at a critical stage in their lives. In addition, they will receive nutritious meals that will prepare their minds for learning.

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Child & Youth Educational Support

In India, children and youth often need additional education and skills training so that they can have better opportunities. Gift them with tools that will open more doors for a greater future.

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School Fees for Secondary Students

In Rwanda, not all children are able to complete secondary education, which limits opportunities for their future. Give vulnerable children and parentless kids the education that they need for a better life.

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College Education for Youth

For youth in the Philippines, having a college education can sometimes be an unreachable dream. By providing scholarships for higher education, you give them access to a brighter future.

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School Materials for Kids

Tuition and school fees aren’t the only things keeping vulnerable children from getting an education. The lack of basic school supplies is another deterrent. Provide marginalized kids in Rwanda and Kenya with access to tools they need to do well in school.

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Support for Vulnerable Children

In Cochabamba, Bolivia, children and youth benefit greatly from programs that improve their well-being. They are able to acquire life skills that support good health and are provided with nutritious food. Spiritual, psychological and educational support are also offered to the participants.

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Urban Boarding School

For children who live in extremely remote tribal villages in Myanmar, the location of their homes makes it nearly impossible to attend school. By providing a second home that is closer in proximity, children can get the education they need.

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Assisting Kids-at-Risk

Gift vulnerable children and youth in the Dominican Republic with social development programs that enable them to thrive in life. These include training on values and gender, biblical knowledge, music, English and vocational skills such as hairdressing. This gift comes with school supplies and clothing.

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Words for the Future

Violence and corruption, broken homes and a lack of basic needs – these are the type of communities that many children around the world are raised in today. Children and youth often struggle to find direction and purpose without the infrastructure to support their education, hobbies and dreams in safe and child-friendly environments.
For those like thirteen-year-old Daniela who live in the Dominican Republic, CBM has been providing support for children and youth through activities that help enrich their day-to-day lives and lead to positive changes in the community. The dream of opportunity is made real for girls like Daniela, who participates in music and English programs provided by CBM’s partners, when her parents could not afford even daily basic necessities previously.

She says, “I’m so excited about the classes. I like to study because
one day I will use this knowledge towards a better life.”