Grow the global church and help spread the good news of the Gospel. Help provide for leaders so that they can effectively mentor, support and train others when the need is most crucial. These gifts will equip women and men to serve their churches and communities to their fullest capacity, meeting the needs of leaders in places such as Cuba, the Philippines, South Sudan and Thailand.


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Pastoring Pastors

It’s important for pastors in the Dominican Republic to be able to get together and encourage and equip one another for ministry. They’ll receive assistance with transportation, food and educational and training materials.

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Practical Skills Training for Pastors

Pastors in the Philippines must often fill many roles, so they benefit from gaining practical skills training. They’ll learn about pastoral care, leading meetings, managing budgets, and community development practices.

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Training Church Leaders in Cuba

Supplemental training and materials for church leaders in Cuba enables them to carry out integral mission in local communities in a more efficient way.

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Training Workshop for Church Leaders

Training workshops are essential to equip church workers. In South Sudan, ministry leaders are able to advance their skills through this program so that they can better serve their community.

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Support Pastors in Asia

Support pastors in the Golden Triangle Region of Asia through further theological training, resources for church planting and assistance for community service workers.

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Provision for Pastors

Jia Jun is a young man who lives in an impoverished village in Chiang Rai province, Thailand’s northernmost province, which borders Laos and Myanmar to form what is called the Golden Triangle.

His calling to become a pastor and serve God’s people led him to serve at a small church, ministering to the Akha minority tribe who live in small villages at higher elevations. Though his conviction to full-time ministry, to proclaim the gospel and minister to the community remains steadfast, he earns roughly $200 a month, while other pastors in the area earn up to twice as much. Meeting even basic needs can be a challenge.

But where God calls, He provides. Jun now receives financial and professional support through CBM, and has since opened a children’s Sunday school and provides weekly visitations for church members. He also receives coaching and mentoring support from CBM Field Staff, Conrad and Fiona Kwok, which helps equip Jun to teach and lead his congregation to share the gospel in their own village, and surrounding ones as well.

God’s gift of provision through CBM impacts not only Jun, but his ministry and community as well. The measure of that impact will only continue to grow!