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Remote areas in Thailand and Myanmar are ripe for drug production and trafficking. Your gift will provide significant change in the Golden Triangle Area where further theological training is provided, churches are planted and community services workers have access to more support.

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In a far-flung area in eastern Myanmar, a pastor by the name of Duodu felt a prompting to bring the Gospel to 100 remote Lahu villages by 2024 and to help improve living conditions. The Lahu people are an ethnic minority group who maintain a traditional farming lifestyle. They barely get by with the basic necessities such as electricity, sanitation, food, water, education or medical care.

Pastor Duodu first started holding medical missions for the community, which led to hundreds of Lahu people expressing their faith in Christ. To get to the area, one must embark on a three-hour trek on foot and up the mountains. When the community was asked what they wanted most, out of all that they needed and lacked, they surprisingly asked for a church. The community felt that with a cross atop their mountain, people from afar will see and realize that they are made different, transformed by the love of Christ. The church building will also serve as a multipurpose centre, where children can gain access to education. The village is so remote that children are often unable to make it to school even if primary education is free in Myanmar. The building can also serve as a place for a medical clinic, training programs and community development projects.

“My hope and dream is for the Lahu people to be saved – to progress physically, mentally and spiritually,” says Pastor Duodu.

The first multifunctional church building was completed in February 2018. A water system in Babiet village was also created, which can be used as a baptism tank, as Pastor Duodo used to baptize people in a dirty river. By 2019, 362 people were baptized in multiple villages.


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