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Feed a Family for a Month

Families struggling with hunger and extreme poverty are facing challenges that have been compounded in 2020 due to the effects of the global health crisis. Your gift will feed a family for a month in places such as Lebanon, South Sudan, and Latin America, where CBM is already at work addressing the need for stable and secure sources of food.

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Gender & Family Training

There are many factors that affect the social well-being of Rwandan families. Gender and family training helps equip and educate families on literacy, healthy gender roles and how spouses can better care for one another.

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Sanitary Supplies for Girls

Did you know that the lack of sanitary napkins can keep a female student out of school for several days each month? Providing such a practical need can keep girls in school, leading to a brighter future.

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Share the Gospel with Unreached People

The Mising tribe is an unreached people group in North Eastern India. Bring the gospel to Mising women, children and youth through tutoring and vocational training activities provided by a local church partner.

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COVID-19 Masks

In the Philippines, some people are not able to afford basic needs such as food, which makes a mask seem like a luxury. Masks made by our local partner help them stay protected during the pandemic.

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