Life-saving Healthcare for Refugees $40

Provide medical care to refugees and vulnerable families in economically marginalized communities in Lebanon. The severe gap in UN funding and the triple burden of extreme poverty, poor health and forced displacement makes it difficult to access urgent medical needs. 

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Naima is a Pakistani woman who lives in one of the most marginalized communities in Beirut. She is married as a second wife, but lives alone and in poverty. She suffers from many health issues, one of which is diabetes, and caused her to lose her eyesight. Once a positive woman, going blind has stripped her of hope. She used to sell kerosene to earn a living, but as she lost her vision, she was unable to properly transfer kerosene to bottles, sometimes dropping them and losing income. She lives in a small structure with most of the roof gone. With no adequate income and unsafe living conditions, and no formal identification, Naima was in a vulnerable situation. Then she learned of the Tahaddi Health Centre through her neighbour – the only person she could rely on for some help.

Tahaddi helped find a solution for Naima’s sight loss and on March 22, 2019, Naima underwent surgery on one eye. On the 23rd of April, her second eye was operated on. Tahaddi’s health social worker and nurse visited Naima regularly after the surgery to provide post operation medicine and make sure she is healing well. Naima lost all hope when she became blind but her newfound eyesight has brought with it new faith and aspirations to make a better life for herself.


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