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Break the cycle of addiction in the lives of young men in India by supporting innovative community development that enables them to train in income generating skills.

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In Nagaland, India, CBM and Alempang Baptist Church are working together to bring hope and a better future to the community of Mokokchung. Many locals struggle with alcohol addiction, resulting in divorce, financial problems, health issues and untimely death. The church community stepped up to help those battling alcoholism through support groups and livelihood opportunities such as micro-credit loans, rearing livestock and growing crops.

Samuel lives in the community with his wife Asangla and their two sons. Samuel learned to drink at a very young age and as he grew older, his dependence on alcohol started to affect his relationship with his family. His finances suffered as he resorted to stealing money from household funds to feed his habit. When there was no money, he would sell items from their house. Desperate for a better life for her family, Asangla, fervently prayed for him. One night, Samuel dreamt that he had stopped drinking. Shortly after, church workers knocked on his door and told him about the Alcoholics Anonymous group that meets at Alempang Baptist Church. He decided to attend and learned about the severe effects of alcoholism, which was an eye-opener and motivation to want to recover from addiction. With the help of the program and the church community, he worked hard to become and remain sober after two decades of dependency on drinking.

In time, Samuel began to experience transformation as his family relationships improved and he began to develop friendships within the church. He was able to become financially stable and even put aside savings. He built a house for his family with his own two hands and was hired by the church as a driver. He has a chicken coop that supplements his income and he received two piglets through CBM. Today, Samuel is one of many who are doing well because of the church’s support. He feels blessed by God and is planning for his sons’ future so that they can go to college. The friendships he formed at church encourages him and he also shares his testimony to other recovering alcoholics to help them in their journeys.


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